Milliseconds Turnaround

We're a multi-cloud platform with high availability.

Accurate Click and Analytics Data

Get analytics by geography, audience demography, browser and device breakdown. Export clickstream and splice and dice your data.

Built-in, Automated A/B Testing

A/B test landing pages automatically with our multi-link shortener and get real insights into which landing page works for you.

Custom Domains and Secure connections

Host on your own domain. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

Password Protect Your Links & Auto Expiration

Set expiration for your shortlinks and limit access to your landing pages with password-protected shortlinks.

Track Campaigns with Tags

Set up and track campaigns based on easy-to-use tags and filters.

Browser Extension

Create shorturls with a single click right from your favorite browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome .


Useour API to programmatically create shorturl(s), get analytics, QRCode and more.


API code snippets in multiple languages.

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1  {
2    "twitter": {
3      "no_of_clicks": 340928,
4    }
5    "facebook": {
6      "fullName": 82734,
7    }
8    "instagram": {
9      "fullName": 231,
10    }
11  }

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